TiE and QGLUE (the design venture of QAI) announce awards that recognize entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ventures driven by ‘Responsible Design’.

Responsible Design pays special attention to the “human-centered” approach to shaping new businesses, conceptualizing meaningful innovation and undertaking a venture journey that forever has empathy and responsibility at the center of critical decisions.
In summary, ventures embracing attributes and values of “design thinking” will be recognized and rewarded. 

Design Thinking has three lenses through which a designer attempts to seek a good solution- ‘Desirability’, ‘Feasibility’ and ‘Viability’. The jury seeks to find how ventures balance business imperatives with technological feasibility, along with human needs and desires. Thereby having a social impact on people. The sweet spot at the intersection of ‘Desirability’, ‘Feasibility’ and ‘Viability’ is value innovation which is rare, and is worth rewarding and recognizing.

After the evaluation process, selected candidates will pitch their proposals at TiE Global Summit and the winners will be recognized at the conference and their work will be highlighted. Further, exclusive design mentoring sessions from acclaimed Mentors will be given to the winners, post the event.

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  • Any entrepreneurial venture- recent start up or otherwise.

  • Private Independent entities.


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Announcements of Winners

Evaluation Process

The entries can be shared through pitches and can be documented with photos, videos and testimonies from stakeholders.  The submission will also contain a 2 to 3-minute HD video explaining the original approach, the design imperatives, customer centricity and the relentless validation that was undertaken in the process.

The Jury, comprising of eminent thought leaders and practitioners drawn from academia and industry will evaluate the entries on the following criteria:

• How human-centred design played a role in the entrepreneurial roadmap
• How empathy mode is exemplary in the development of activities,
• How the company proposes a transformation which favours the human situation.
• How environmental/technological/ business/ and human (and social) needs were balanced.

About Tie Delhi-NCR

The Delhi-NCR Chapter of TiE, one of the biggest and most vibrant of the TiE chapters, has unique significance. It seeks to engage not only with entrepreneurs but also with policy makers, in order to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship. It seeks to become the bridge that would connect Indian government and industry with successful Indian entrepreneurs across the world, many of whom are regarded as thought leaders.

The Delhi-NCR Chapter is among the largest and most vibrant across the vast TiE network. In the last 10 years, it has emerged as the forum of choice for startups, serial entrepreneurs, VC and angel investors, policy makers and academia. At the heart of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, TiE Delhi-NCR plays the role of an ecosystem builder by bringing in multiple stakeholders and values to align with the common goal to foster entrepreneurship.

TiE Delhi-NCR conducts over 50 events every year covering aspects of entrepreneurship like funding and finance, marketing and sales, expanding into new geographies and business and organization management.


QGLUE is a venture promoted by QAI.  QAI, incorporated in 1980, is a transnational consulting company facilitating quality and process improvement in organizations world-wide. With clients in 30 countries, QAI has over 30years undertaken 700 client journeys.

QGLUE helps businesses design services that people love and also impact the world around us. Using a human centered approach with robust framework rooted in design research, analytics and process modelling and through inculcating a design mind-set within the stakeholders. QGLUE equips people to solve wicked problems by helping them seek the problem, and reach a solution that betters the world around us.

Design Mentors

Claire Vincent

Service Designer Design Thinking facilitator - United Arab Emirates

Dan Levy

Human-Centred Design, Design Sprint Facilitation,  Coaching, Strategy, Consulting, UX/CX, Adelaide, Australia

Rafael Citadella Daron

Business Designer, Lisbon, Portugal

Dean Meyers

Strategy, Design Thinking & Innovation Design Consulting


OYO Rooms

OYO Rooms, commonly known as OYO, is India's largest hospitality company, consisting mainly of budget hotels. OYO was represented by Sonakshi Yajurvedi Kavirut.



First Runner up: Tactopus Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Tactopus is an #edtech start-up in the space of inclusion. They create interactive, technologically enhanced E-learning experiences for blind children to be able to learn independently, and access the world through talking tactile images. Tactopus was represented by Hemanth Anumandla Design Practice Head - UX, Information Design & Data Visualization.


Special Mention - Spread Design & Innovation


Spread is a transdisciplinary business design firm. Founded by folks with over 20 years of experience in Design, Advertising, Architecture, Business and Culture; Spread works with Business, Government and Entrepreneurs, taking ideas from start to scale with skill, speed, and imagination. Spread was represented by Sonia Manchanda, Founding partner Spread Design.

Spread design & innovation


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